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Performing Arts Facilities

My work in the Performing Arts Facilities involves a wide range of duties, whether it be related to lighting such as creating a light plot for Mitrani Hall, setting up microphones, working in Pro Tools and Adobe Premiere, creating promotional materials in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, to anything else that may need to get done.

The most notable work I have done in the Performing Arts Facilities is design the rep plot for Mitrani Hall, our largest on campus performance space, designing lighting for events, such as the Percussion Ensemble Concert, and busking for one of our Arts in Bloom 2021-2022 headliners Brazilian Allstars

Lighting is done on both ETC Ion and Ion XE consoles and the sound console is a Midas M32. The Facilities use Dante networking.

Images from: Brazilian Allstars, Pia Ripley's Senior Recital, Bloomsburg University Percussion Concert, and Red Alert Restart Lighting. Lighting, Light Plot and Magic Sheet by Sarah Goldstein

Donald De Lue Project Update BU Department of Art

Donald De Lue Project Update BU Department of Art

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All videos edited in Adobe Premiere Pro and audio edited in either Adobe Premiere Pro or Pro Tools